Lord Pusswhip – Dog Eats Rabbit 2021

Music Video
Made for Pusswhip, shot and edited together with Alexandra Macdonnell. Watch.

Call From U 2019

Music Video
Call From U, another track from Omen’s album Prol with a music video shot on 16mm film and partially drawn with pen onto the film material itself. See it on Youtube here.

Mr. Freedom 2019

Music Video
Shot of the coast of Peru for the title track from Omen’s cassette Prol. Camera by Martin Ortiz. Watch here.

Prol 2019

“Intermittently written and recorded between 2015 and 2019 across Berlin, Australia & Peru, Prol transmits a sharply delivered sense of fracture and disorientation that is at once caustic, languorous and euphoric. Electronics trail off down perverse paths, snarling dissonances and scorching in-the-red tremors of low end burst at the seams, vocals are caught between sour, satirical disaffection and astute, fervent appreciation. The results are myriad, disorderly, not easily contained, a case of cutting across different extremes yet somehow remaining a united conception even amidst severe contrasts.” – The Ransom Note. Cover art by Marijn Degenaar. Listen here.

My Baby 2019

Music Video
Omen mourning in Görlitzer Park, Berlin. A music video for Prol. Watch here.

Superspace – Right Like 2017

Music Video
Superspace shot with Iphone5s. Watch here.

Glass Eaters 2017

Short Film
A five minute long pseudo-documentary about young lovers. Watch here.

Consumer 69 Demo 2016

Consumer 69 was first self-released online on September 11, 2016. Germany based noise label Econore re-released the demo on cassette on February 8, 2018. Cover art by Marijn Degenaar. Click here to listen.

Circular Ruins – Polar Kreis 2016

Music Video
Shot on 16mm film with music by Circular Ruins. Watch here.

Jus Playing 2016

Music Video
Lo-fi, cumulonimbus. Camera by Alexandra Macdonnell. Watch here.