Jus Playing 2016

Music Video
A music video shot in the streets of Wedding, Berlin with camera by Alexandra Macdonnell. Watch here.

Dugong, Where You Gone? 2016

Music Video
#fightforthereef. Click here to watch.

Suffer 2016

Music Video
Shot at spiritual rehab in Springbrook, Australia. Watch it here.

Hot Piss Bottle 2014

Starring Harmony Molina.
1:45 minutes. You can watch it

Sloppy Floss ongoing since 2012

Collected images. Check it out here.

Bread Crumbs 2010

Music Video
Hannah Schiefelbein’s former band Acid Casualty. Starring herself as Hannibal, Lei Gryffydd as Lethal, Mai Gryffydd as Mayhem, Johnny Tucker as Pinky and Shaun South as himself. Conceptualized, directed, edited and shot by Hannah Schiefelbein in Melbourne, Australia. Additional camera by Mai, Lei and Johnny. See it here.

Showers 2009

A pseudo-documentary examining the act of showering from an extraterrestrial perspective. Starring Hannah Evans as The Alien, Benjamin Woodward as The Man and Kathryn Ellen Walton as The Woman. Soundtrack by Kieran Hegarty of Superstar.
6:15 minutes. Watch here.